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Tomorrow, I begin school. Senior year. Celebratory, I suppose.

All the same, that means I am going to have a lot less time to do as I please. I will have homework to finish, and I’m taking a few AP classes so the homework will take longer than I would like. I’m going to finally begin the novel that has been running through my mind for months now, so that’ll take quite a bit of my attention as well and now that I’m finally off transplant house-arrest, I’ll have the chance to rekindle my social life and spend more time with friends.

So that leaves me with very little time to update, so I will be unable to post the two to three poems that I tend to post daily. I’m going to have to cut it down to just one a day, so sorry. I will however try my very hardest to keep at least one post a day.

On one last note, I was also vaguely considering beginning to write a little bit of flash fiction as an experiment. If you would like to see some of that flash fiction appear here on this site (or on another new blog all together), as well as excerpts of my novel, please leave a comment below to that effect.

Thanks so much for your support over the past few weeks! It’s been amazing to see the response to my writing, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you! It means the world to me to hear so many words of encouragement!

Noteworthy (Maybe) News

All That Remains


Been to a Hell
with fiery depths.
Been to the ocean
and almost
drowned myself.
Fell through the hollow
of a lone peasant’s hall.
Captured by posterity
and lost nearly it all.

Forgot where I’d come from,
lost where I’d been.
Followed the road
I’d been back again.
Looked to the west
when the dawn rose behind me,
waited for a cause
and someone new to guide me.

Broke too many rules,
hurt too many hearts.
Waited too long
and tore too many apart.
Lost sight of the truth,
found someone to blame.
And yet, still somehow
only the scars left remain.

Yesterday marked the end of my house arrest. I was finally able to go out in public and be around people, something I haven’t been able to do in weeks because of my transplant surgery. I never knew staying in the house would be so challenging for me, but after a few days, you start to get stir-crazy. For the last couple of years, I’ve spent the summers home alone, but I was allowed to go out with friends pretty much whenever I wanted. This summer, I wasn’t even allowed to do that.

While in reality this is supposed to symbolize the end of my battle with end-stage renal failure, I suppose it could fit many different situations at any given time. So in that light, it’s not about illness. It’s about any hardship that anyone should have to suffer, large and small. Everything.