Daily Archives: August 16, 2011

Silent Emeralds


Cerulean turned grey
souls of old, but washed away.
And innocence lost to the day
wrought destiny
and fate.

And child again
as emerald trickles in
spent in black and in grey,
wise of old, washed away.

But masked with a smile
small and futile–
but at least for awhile,
emerald appears grey;

until confidence washed away.

Alright, alright. Last post of the day. I’ve been in a bit of a writing mood lately. I think my writer’s block is finally starting to let up, thankfully.

This one’s slightly more vague than the others; it refers to the green-eyed monster in everyone. I’m not going to lie, I’m a jealous person. But I’m really good at hiding it. However, consequently, envy eats away at me much more than it would others, simply because I am quiet and subtle about it. I don’t speak anything of my jealousy, to anyone, and, like anger, it tends to build up.

But, because envy is not only unflattering on everyone, it is also a sin, I would rather bottle it up and express it in poetry than express it in words to those I love too much to alienate with it.

Into Eternity


His silver eyes gaze lovelessly
into the void of eternity–
or shards of glass
with a silver cast.

He sees himself.

In the eyes of silver thoughts
spent many words and havoc wrought,
more shards of glass
to somehow cast

an elusive spell.

Illusions caught inside captive
where innocence blinds and love lets live;
into the last shards of class
his soul is cast.

He sees himself.

Those Three Words


You whisper
those three words.
An echo
pounding in my ears.
A familiar voice
that I never thought I’d hear
utter to me so softly
those three words.

I suppose
it still seems foreign to me;
even after a year.

Those three words.

That shatter all expectation.
Leave everything
to chance
and a game of risk
played by only blind men;
facing battles
that they may never win.
But being beaten
much to my chagrin.
For that chance to prove
those three words
are true.

And, fo you,
to toss so blatantly
an answer
to my every prayer
for these past seventeen
for you to say
those three words
to me…
So blatantly…
So confident
that your blind soldier
will win
a battle which seems
to have no end;
For you to seem
so optimistically
on making me
your end, again…

those three words–
so genuine

that they cannot be
of habit.

I won’t even go to the trouble to mention the meaning behind “those three words.” If you haven’t figured out what they are, I severely worry about your place in the human race.

I’ve decided to write what I can during the school day, an whatever I manage to crank out from then to now is what I shall post for the day, every day. As I had a bit of inspiration today, I’ll post a bit more today than I normally would, I think it’s going to end up being four. So please, do enjoy!

Shadow Kitten


Glitters in the stars,
it’s like she’s already gone.
Whispers in the yard
that her whole life has been torn.
Rumors spread abound,
she’s gone to sanctity now.
Never come around,
and never return to fade out.

She walks on careful paws
to streets of dastardly deeds.
Rubbing her black paws raw
until she fulfills her needs.
Captures lust beyond love
and all the fish in the seas.
Beyond a forgotten word
with wandered mice in the streets.

Black ears perk to sound;
a music she cannot deny.
The voice of lost one found
and the comfort of somebody’s eyes.
Stolen belief at bay
she falls to faith of the fools.
Until she runs away
from fear it would not be true.

Kitten cast astray
from those who could not keep still.
A toll, a right of way,
a darkened passage of will.
She is forced to grow into fur
that only makes her feel weak.
But she has been cast down
and she is lost to the street.

In shadows long-past gone
she sees her face in the crowd.
Such a long-lost song,
she’s almost forgotten now.
The touch of human hand
she longs for heart and for home.
The kiss of human lips
and a relief from the ‘lone.

But she has been forced to grow up,
she struggles to catch her claws.
Walking bear on the stones
upon her gravel-worn paws.
A cat now, stray to the world,
she only wants to go home.
Back to her land she has seen
and the old life she had known.

And stray meets stray on the street,
he is so very much alike.
He teaches lessons of old,
and teaches how to survive.
That the world is so cruel,
but one can still stay alive,
if only one should hold hope
and continue to try.

He has scars on his legs
and his dark eyes have gone blind.
He does not see who she is
or who she wanted to find.
He cannot fathom the trust
she has instilled into his soul.
He does not realize that she
has now found reason to be whole.

But he is wounded and sad
and she fears that she might strain
his life in pieces and bits
and he might leave her to blame.
And he might walk away
and have no love such the same
because she knows nothing of
the treatment of ill and the lame.

He has seen battles strong,
and so many has won.
How can she still compare
to what is second to none?
Has he never seen more
to life than what he has done.
Is he really so blind
that he thinks she is the one?

Fearing she might hurt him more
she prowled on more cautious paws.
Protecting him from the wars
and battles, large and small.
A shadow panther she’s grown,
and caught the weight of it all,
so long as her stray mate
might find a happier call.

Until the day that she dies,
she fights to keep her love safe.
Despite the blows, the abuse,
the two harbor away.
Until alone elsewhere near,
they live much happier days
and the life they had known
has just faded away.