Those Three Words


You whisper
those three words.
An echo
pounding in my ears.
A familiar voice
that I never thought I’d hear
utter to me so softly
those three words.

I suppose
it still seems foreign to me;
even after a year.

Those three words.

That shatter all expectation.
Leave everything
to chance
and a game of risk
played by only blind men;
facing battles
that they may never win.
But being beaten
much to my chagrin.
For that chance to prove
those three words
are true.

And, fo you,
to toss so blatantly
an answer
to my every prayer
for these past seventeen
for you to say
those three words
to me…
So blatantly…
So confident
that your blind soldier
will win
a battle which seems
to have no end;
For you to seem
so optimistically
on making me
your end, again…

those three words–
so genuine

that they cannot be
of habit.

I won’t even go to the trouble to mention the meaning behind “those three words.” If you haven’t figured out what they are, I severely worry about your place in the human race.

I’ve decided to write what I can during the school day, an whatever I manage to crank out from then to now is what I shall post for the day, every day. As I had a bit of inspiration today, I’ll post a bit more today than I normally would, I think it’s going to end up being four. So please, do enjoy!

About Mattie J.

My name is Mattie J. Hamilton, and I am seventeen years old. I live in a cute little house in the country in Southern Indiana, and have lived there my entire life. I self-published two books of poetry a few years ago, but I much prefer writing fiction of poetry, journalism, or any other sort of writing. I'm somewhat new to the blogging world, and I may come off as a bit of an ameteur, but hey, I am an ameteur. Proud of it. After all, I'm just a kid, and I have plenty of time to learn.

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