Of Arrows and Archers


Pierced song and speared
into heart, into home.
Tread hunters down road
and loose cobblestone.
Predator to my mouse,
wolf to wandered lamb.
Have you any idea
how truly stumbled I am?
How truly wandered I felt
when I leapt off my path?
How truly curious it was
that I could just give up my past?

And on turrets built high
in castles dark grey
stand the archers of arrows
with eyes trained every day.
With a bow raised and poised
in each archer’s hand.
The words, “proud and together,”
that only they understand.
And fallen warriors below
speared fatal in heart.
Could not survive the battle,
were torn apart.

And the wounded in battle
crawling on hands and knees.
Close to each other,
you stray close to me.
An arrow to the heart,
to yours and to mine.
Beaten black and bloody
by St. Valentine.
And the cherubs as his minions,
archers tall on the wall.
Given moments in battle
to watch the rest of us fall.
And to those who stand up,
arrow shafts in their chests.
Living stronger than broken
without the Hell of loveless.

You and I stand together,
leaning shoulder to arm.
Hands clasped together
the others on our hearts.
A salute to the archers
that wounded and killed
and brought us together
by sheer power of will.
A blown kiss to thank them
despite the life lost.
A gratitude for this love
despite the wounds it caused.

About Mattie J.

My name is Mattie J. Hamilton, and I am seventeen years old. I live in a cute little house in the country in Southern Indiana, and have lived there my entire life. I self-published two books of poetry a few years ago, but I much prefer writing fiction of poetry, journalism, or any other sort of writing. I'm somewhat new to the blogging world, and I may come off as a bit of an ameteur, but hey, I am an ameteur. Proud of it. After all, I'm just a kid, and I have plenty of time to learn.

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