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Shadow Kitten


Glitters in the stars,
it’s like she’s already gone.
Whispers in the yard
that her whole life has been torn.
Rumors spread abound,
she’s gone to sanctity now.
Never come around,
and never return to fade out.

She walks on careful paws
to streets of dastardly deeds.
Rubbing her black paws raw
until she fulfills her needs.
Captures lust beyond love
and all the fish in the seas.
Beyond a forgotten word
with wandered mice in the streets.

Black ears perk to sound;
a music she cannot deny.
The voice of lost one found
and the comfort of somebody’s eyes.
Stolen belief at bay
she falls to faith of the fools.
Until she runs away
from fear it would not be true.

Kitten cast astray
from those who could not keep still.
A toll, a right of way,
a darkened passage of will.
She is forced to grow into fur
that only makes her feel weak.
But she has been cast down
and she is lost to the street.

In shadows long-past gone
she sees her face in the crowd.
Such a long-lost song,
she’s almost forgotten now.
The touch of human hand
she longs for heart and for home.
The kiss of human lips
and a relief from the ‘lone.

But she has been forced to grow up,
she struggles to catch her claws.
Walking bear on the stones
upon her gravel-worn paws.
A cat now, stray to the world,
she only wants to go home.
Back to her land she has seen
and the old life she had known.

And stray meets stray on the street,
he is so very much alike.
He teaches lessons of old,
and teaches how to survive.
That the world is so cruel,
but one can still stay alive,
if only one should hold hope
and continue to try.

He has scars on his legs
and his dark eyes have gone blind.
He does not see who she is
or who she wanted to find.
He cannot fathom the trust
she has instilled into his soul.
He does not realize that she
has now found reason to be whole.

But he is wounded and sad
and she fears that she might strain
his life in pieces and bits
and he might leave her to blame.
And he might walk away
and have no love such the same
because she knows nothing of
the treatment of ill and the lame.

He has seen battles strong,
and so many has won.
How can she still compare
to what is second to none?
Has he never seen more
to life than what he has done.
Is he really so blind
that he thinks she is the one?

Fearing she might hurt him more
she prowled on more cautious paws.
Protecting him from the wars
and battles, large and small.
A shadow panther she’s grown,
and caught the weight of it all,
so long as her stray mate
might find a happier call.

Until the day that she dies,
she fights to keep her love safe.
Despite the blows, the abuse,
the two harbor away.
Until alone elsewhere near,
they live much happier days
and the life they had known
has just faded away.

And the Tide Betrayed the Ocean


It rises, then it falls;
like breath to a newborn child.
Natural, habitual,
if somewhat inelegant.
But it rises, and then it falls.

Until the morning the sun did not rise,
and the moon hung low in the west.
An eye in the dawn,
watching over all things,
the owls that remained,
and the birds that desired to sing.
The crickets that cried
for the morning to come.
Legs rubbed raw and red,
but the sun seemed to be gone.

And it only fell.

And waves in the ocean pulled back into a pulse,
storms tattered lost villages with a thundering force.
Utopian Atlantis shut up  behind its closed doors,
to keep shuttered the violence of the tempest-like storm.

And it did not rise.

And darkness remained, only lit by the moon,
until a child looked up and saw that it was gone too.
Forgotten soon, with the sun, and no more of use than the dew
upon grass blades that surrendered to the loss of the youth.

And it remained.

Until the oceans were still with dark waters turned black.
Fish that swam blind, like those in caves with the bats.
Birds that flew low and still lost their track,
and people that cried for the loss of their past.

And so it was.

The darkest the world had ever been.
Every morning was still, every night, silent.
Rain that resisted until normal again.
The longest night Earth had seen, many years in advance.

The lives crashing down, a plague of sweltering ash,
the world coming to a close, and becoming so fast.
Hopes ever-fading, ending ever near,
and pleas that relied on so-far silent ears.

Until the sun rose.

High in the sky on a gold-white throne,
spent with a crown of rubies and light Earth had never known.
A night that now ended, after the hell that had been,
until the tide betrayed the ocean again.

Every couple of years, it seems there’s someone telling us that the world is going to end. In fact, our next one is coming up in October. Judgment Day! Predicted by the same man who said the rapture was to happen on May 21st. Remember that? Yeah, well I may not be free of sin, I suppose, but I think I’m good enough to still be raptured. And I see you’re still here too. What, you’re not good enough? Look, I’m a Christian, and I really don’t mean to offend, but those predictions are bullshit. The Bible says quite specifically that no one will know when the rapture is to come.

So what do we Christians (SOME, slightly messed up ones of us) do? Well we try to defy what we’re supposed to believe anyway. Makes sense, right?

Oh, and 2000? What happened to Y2K? And June 6th, 2006? Le gasp! Somehow we survived those too! We must be cockroaches, us humans. Geez. Oh, and let’s not forget 2012. We’ve got the Mayans to thank for that one. I’ll say this much, I graduate in 2012. If those Mayans happen to be right, I’m going to be PISSED. Anyway, I’ll step down from my soap-box.

What I meant to say was that this is my version of the end of the world. I don’t think it’ll be a meteor. In fact, to tell the truth, I don’t even think humans will be alive when it happens. I think we will have so far screwed ourselves by then, it won’t even matter, we’ll be long extinct. But, if we are, this is how I see it. I think it’ll come slowly. Like darkness. Things will just slowly stop until everything stops, and all life is over.

Just one theory, in about a thousand of them.