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Dear God


Dear God,

For once in my life I do not speak your name
with intentions ill-willed or a tone set in vain.
I ask only that you listen to the words that I say,
Oh God, my Lord, you saved my life today.
Now most of the time I don’t see you there,
I live life in laughter and I’ve learned not to care
as if your a phantom that means nothing to me,
but in no less than a miracle you’ve made me believe.

I asked you for gifts that I could not return.
I asked moments to stop and the clocks not to turn.
I begged you for the things that I didn’t need
and yet somehow you’ve still forgiven me.
And by the time I was a child I asked you for love,
nagged every wish for what I had dreamt of.
Why wasn’t it coming, why didn’t he care?
I asked you for things but didn’t believe you were there.

And then I met a boy who gave me his heart,
put me together after being torn apart.
Far beyond miles was where he was born,
but here you bad brought him, though tempest and storm.
And better yet, he loved me, could not possibly seem so.
What was this emotion, I had never known.
You brought me love despite distance and time,
My fate found me happy when I found him mine.

Down on my knees I pray for your name,
Vowing never again to take it in vain
and offering you the most heartfelt of thanks
for saving the man who protects me from pain.
You saved my love, you saved my life, I give all that I ever had
in you rests my soul, my life, my faith, and sought glee in the aftermath.
I give little more than all I know to ask that you keep him near,
Because you know as well as I that I can’t live without him here.

Okay, I know I said I was going to use all sonnets this week, but I had to write and post this one. I don’t mean to offend anyone who isn’t christian.

Wherever You Are


Behind black brick,
beneath grey stone
caught in steel shackles
behind iron bars;
without sound or echo
void even of rats
in buried dungeons, I’ll find you
wherever you are.

Caught in thorns of brambles,
caged by fallen trees
beneath swollen skies and tempest
captive held by angry breeze;
rain-spattered ground as quicksand
sunk deep in darkened tarn
mirrored eyes in dewdrops
and held by captor, Harm.
Vines entangled around unbalanced ankles
arms spread wide and far,
in fallen forests, I’ll protect you
wherever you are.

On dark ground stolen from innocent
beneath skies palid and grey,
among forgotten sorrow and lost remains
of an only slightly happier day.
Surrounded by flames that lick your blood,
tearing holes into your legs,
charring flesh and burning skin
taking air with desperate dregs.
In seas of ash with tides of dust
on scorched earth fried from life,
the grass so far, in distant lands
under watch of pebblestone eyes.
Through flames and ash and fallen blood
and over bodies black as tar,
in earth as lost as Hell itself, I’ll save you
wherever you are.

In time worn old by moments
that have past and gone,
behind us, before them,
then, and now, and alone;
in a world foreign but familiar
beneath skies younger than I
dark with clouds, and light with the sun
and stars that burn too bright;
and the moon that saw no footprints
and the Everest never scaled
and the apple never fallen
and the humanity never failed;
beneath a Heaven still held holy
above a Hell still held fear
below the grace of what will be
and above the future so held near;
torn to pieces by the deafened silence
of peasants and kings ripped raw
in sancitity of what had never been
but will be by Fate’s law;
in a time less like ours, where I am not
and have not lived so far
far in the past, the future, never still,
I’ll find you, wherever you are.