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Between the Lines


Dearest Love of my Life,

I had wanted only the chance to tell you
(all of the things that I can never say)
you’ve given me everything I could ever ask.

(and I beg no one ever steal that away)

I had asked God in prayers to save me,
(while I was left in pieces on the floor)
He sent you to me instead.

(and I never could have asked for more)

I have loved with love that never should have mattered,
(the boy who yet suffered me in silence)
it evaporated when you walked in my life.

(and I was struck with bitter ambivalence)

I began to think that maybe I was worth something,
(you taught me that I still had a smile)
you taught me how to love myself without a toll or price.

(you taught me to live life with soul worthwhile)

I built up the hope that I might have you forever
(though I’m still petrified that you might walk away)
and I still yearn for a happily ever after.

(yet I doubt highly that I’ll ever see that day)

I would give up my life and soul and everything else
(my heart, my love, is already only yours)
to remain enveloped safely in your arms, for eternity.

(but I’m scared that future is a little more obscure)

You whisper in my ear that you love me
(and I relish every time you say my name)
and yet I know that you would shout it to the world.

(though I’d rather like that small secret to remain)

I wish there was some way that I could show you
(because you are blind when the subject is your heart)

all the things that you’ve always done for me.

(all the things that somehow set you apart)

Remember that kiss upon my forehead?
(the one you place moments before you made your leave)
You promised that you would always protect me.

(but you’ve no idea how your leaving destroyed me)

And when you returned, you made sure all my dreams came true
(despite the girl that you were supposed to love instead)
and do so still to this very day.

(and finally you kept true the words that you said)

So this is a letter written to thank you
(though your eyes may never see the words I write)
for everything that you’ve done to save me.

(to tell the truth, you saved my life)

I cannot express in words how strongly I must love you
(with all my heart, and with everything I have)
nor could anybody else woth all the words in the world.

(is that really so bad?)

I suppose I must hope that you will discover it on your own
(though I am certain beyond words you never will)
and dream of the day that your vision clears.

(and untill then, I shall love you ever still)

And with that I leave you with a kiss that you can’t feel
(and a useless page of beyond useless words)
because I am so many miles away.

(it feels like farther than the distance of the world)

Love Forever-Always,
~The Tulip Girl

Everything of any importance is written between the lines and in the wonderful language of subtlety. That’s pretty much all this poem is. Anything in italics is something the author didn’t feel she could saw aloud. They are the words hidden between the words she feels comfortable saying instead. It’s when you find someone who can read between your lines that you know you’ve finally found someone who truly knows you. In a lifetime, you will have many friends. Several best friends. A select few true friends. And one true love–a soulmate, who can read between the lines.