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Surviving the Expiration


Sometimes I wonder how I sleep,
with every moment captured in a dream,
haunting, tainting, captivating me.
Here I am.

Here we are.

I look upon you,
curious eyes.
How have we come to this?

I thank my God every day of my life,
whispered prayers He answered,
caught guilty in my selfish words,
but rewarded despite.

Might you take a moment to understand
that somehow you have taken me by the hand,
lead me to a different land.
Foreign veils of a new world.
How have we become those two?

They point when they see us.
We are privileged,
They are stolen by retracing steps,
and angry.

And riots of outrage,
must there be such turmoil?
We’ve not asked an opinion,
nor other emotions.
Must there be burning thatched houses
and poisoned wells
and cliff-diving resolutes
with frightful, furious spells?

Must there be a moment too soon,
where I may turn again to you?
May I not be always whole?

And on tongues sharp
with silver,
forks pitched in the air.
Why should this be so treacherous?
Why should anyone else care?

They told me
that this was temporary,
that you were lost to me.
That I shouldn’t breathe
a word more of your love for me.
They gave me a date
one, two, three, and more.
A date we would be torn apart,
and more broken before.

They spat curses of a silly monotony,
tedious to indifferent ears.
But how, why?
Perhaps, they’ve still not
lost those years.

And yet, gnawing at the back of my mind,
tearing slivers of my heart,
raking me with transparent claws,
their dates tore me apart.

They set fire to our hopes,
shot poison into dreams,
sent chills of nightmares into my darkness
and tortured me in my sleep.
Blinking lights
and heartbeat cry,
the thuds of a frightened child.
I listened, just so, tentatively
while they bribed, deceived, beguiled.

Am I holding on too tightly?
I wondered.

But this time, I’m looking up
face into the horizon.
My eyes cast amber by fires and pyres,
my skin dyed black by the ash.
But this time I’m vulnerable
and I’ll give it all,
if you just hold me still.

We outlasted the fire,
we cured the poison.
We kept strong as diamonds in coal
outlasted the words, and fought bold.
Here we are, less lost, less cold.

After months of preying plays on words
torturing to exasperation,
after they tore me into tiny pieces of myself,
we survived the expiration.

And now that I think of it,
we troubled not.

Silly Prince (I Want a Knight)


Silly Prince.

With a crown of rubies–
no, sapphires–
for you know I love them.
With golden locks
falling in front of your eyes.
Such eyes, such a blue
with a captivating gaze
and clouds of thought
stolen from distant skies.

Silly Prince.

Such is this,
in a world left so cold
that you might still
sit tight on your throne.
Silly Prince
my sweet love,
with a wandering smile
might you only ask once
what you own?

Silly Prince.

My heart.

Silly Prince,
let love be,
forget the con and the crown
and be yourself,
if only just for me.
Silly Prince,
don’t you see,
what I desire most
is to forget your
vow of chivalry.

I want a sword set ablaze,
poised to protect my heart
and destroy all who might stand in my path.
With a brandish so fearsome
yet a smile, still there
and behind warrior’s pose, your old laugh.

Silly Prince,
kill your wall.
Let me tear it to bricks
and shatter to dust
on the ground.
Let the wind pick it up
and throw it to the trees
and save yourself from
a life previously bound.

Silly Prince,
won’t you please,
just do one thing for me.
Give up your place on
your facade of a throne.
You are no real Prince,
not in this world or the like
and I’d rather have
a knight of my own.

Lay down your sword, may I tap your shoulders?
Dub you lord of the land and my heart.
Silly Prince, Strong, Kind Knight
pray we may never be apart.

In battle, in your wars
fighting limb for a limb,
stripped of all, and I’d fight in your place.
Darling Knight of my own,
who has forgotten his throne,
on steed and stallion, in my heart you will stay.

In every new relationship, there’s that honeymoon phase. You know the one. Head over heels for your partner, see no flaws. He is perfect, in your eyes (or she, if you’re male). It’s when that phase is over that you really see if the relationship is going to work or not.

Personally, I don’t like the honeymoon phase. It feels fake. But that’s just me. Now what do princes and knights have to do with the honeymoon phase? Well, the prince is the perfection. The poem is designed┬áto portray the desire to switch from the honeymoon phase to the true relationship. It may seem like the narrator is asking her love to change, but in reality, all she wants is for him to stop thinking of her as perfect. It appears the other way around, being that he’s a prince, but he’s not supposed to represent love. The prince is the relationship itself. In the end, the narrator gets what she wants.