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My Romeo


Might I refresh your memory, my love?
That you might one day see the truth beneath.
For longing lives in passion long dreamt of
and titles may veil the veracity bequeathed.
In death, in life, Romeo, my fool,
caught the edge of poison on blundered lips.
and for Juliet, the same fate so cruel
that she left him with his one final kiss.
But longing live on, as such in their hearts
for I request the pyre beneath the ash.
A future well desired, but without start
and our past so repproachably rehashed.
Do not become my Romeo my sweet,
For I can’t allow you to die for me.

This is my first attempt at a sonnet since about eighth grade. I figured, since I’m going Shakespearean, it’s the perfect chance to write the poem I’ve been tossing around in my mind the past couple of days. It was mostly just experimentation. I have worked with free verse so much, I rarely ever try any poetry forms. I think it’s about time I start challenging myself a little bit.