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The Secondhand Heart


A cold, scarecly beating heart
in open hands.

Dropped in gravel,
crushed by time.

Protected for moments;
destroyed for years.

A facade from many moons ago,
for which he cries no tears.

An unholy spirit
phantom; haunting every step
down corridors and passages.
Shadows catch upon stone-laden walls
closing in, separating.


In bowels of a dungeon,
trapped in slavery of the stars.
A reminder of the sparkles
that once came so naturally
to her eyes.

But now, only burden.

And well forgotten.

It shall be many years
and many stitches
and a few bandaids
and some trust
to put this heart
back together again.

And even then,
can it ever love again?

After a heartbreak, love is the last thing on anyone’s mind. I think anyone over the age of about fifteen has had at least one heartbreak in their life. Whether it was a short middle school romance, a high school crush, or true love, heartbreak hurts everyone. There is no way around it. And people try to help you by saying that time heals all wounds. Bullshit. Excuse my language please, but that’s just bullshit. The honest truth? I got my heart broken over a goofy middle school crush, and the pain didn’t go away for SIX years. SIX. If time healed all wounds, I would have sucked it up before the month was over. But no, I mooned over the same guy for six years. And the pain only got worse as the years wore on.

What heals heartbreak? Love. To get over someone truly, you must truly fall in love. At least, that’s what I think.

Again, this was a little more experimentation with non-rhyming verse.